Electric Cooker Price in Nigeria- The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Electric Cooker Price in Nigeria

Are you looking out for the best electric cooker to buy in Nigeria? If the answer to this question is yes, you have come to right place. This guide on electric cooker price in Nigeria will help you in selecting the electric cooker that best suits you. Electric cookers in Nigeria are readily available at physical stores and online stores but you already know this so we will dive into the details of what you want to know before you make your purchase. Let’s start with the why.

Why should you buy an electric cooker?

The answer to this question seems very obvious but it is actually complicated if you live in a third world country like Nigeria which is where we assume you live if you are reading this guide. The first factor that complicates the answer to the question is the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. The preferred type of cooker in Nigeria is the gas cooker and we have a guide on choosing the best gas cooker for you if you know where we are headed with this and would like to change your mind on making an electric cooker purchase.

Here is where we are headed.

You are very excited to be in your new home.

You order an electric cooker from an online store and it gets to you without any problem.

It’s been a week since you bought your electric cooker and you haven’t had power supply in your area.

It was as though PHCN (Power holding company of Nigeria) knew about your recently bought cooker and decided to punish you.

If you feel we just put words to what your mind has told you would be your life after buying an electric cooker then maybe buying an electric cooker isn’t what you should be looking into right now.

How about erasing the picture

Not having a generator that can help power an electric cooker could be the reason you couldn’t erase the picture from your mind.

However, if you have close to constant power supply in your area or you already have a gas cooker and would like to get an electric cooker to help with more cooking, boiling, roasting, frying and everything in between, then let’s go further.

Cost of Cheap Electric Cookers

Now that you are sure of needing to buy an electric cooker, you do want to know the price range for electric cookers in Nigeria.

Here it is: ₦4,000 and above.

Yes, you can get an electric gas cooker for as low as ₦4,000. If you want prices of specific cookers, we have that for you later on. Keep reading.


Where to Buy Electric Cookers

Quality electric cookers can be gotten in your nearest physical consumer electronics store. You can use Google business listings to find the nearest of such stores. Alternatively, you can comfortably order for one on any of the popular online stores across the country. If you don’t mind waiting a couple of days to get your item delivered to you then you can an order electric cooker on Jumia or Konga (the most popular online stores in Nigeria).

See the best Jumia electric cookers

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See the best Konga electric cookers

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Electric Cooker Features you should know before making a purchase


In very simple terms, hobs are the flat surfaces you place your pot or frying pan on so they can heat up and cook or fry your food.

Wow! Pretty simple right? Maybe.

Not so fast.

Electric hobs are of 3 types.

Ceramic Hobs

A ceramic hob’s main quality is the ease with which it can be used and cleaned up. A ceramic glass design is incorporated into the outer surface of the cooker, making it easy to clean.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs usually have coils underneath the surface plates and they don’t get heated up until a pan, pot or some sort of metal object is placed on them. They are good for energy saving.

Solid Plate Hobs

These hobs black sealed plates which heat and cool slowly. They are cheap though and are found in more common and lower-priced electric cookers.

Control Knob  

This device is used to adjust the intensity of the heat supply to the hobs.


The timer could be digital or mechanical. Timers usually come with cookers with ovens so the timers could beep to alert you when to turn the oven off or automatically go off.

Other Features

Apart from the major parts mentioned, electric cookers have racks for the oven, fuses for safety when it comes to electric surges and obviously a socket.

Electric cookers you can get in Nigeria and their prices

The electric cookers listed here are by no means the greatest of all-electric cookers in Nigeria but these are just the ones that have been bought regularly by fellow Nigerians. A major reason is that they are very affordable.

Important Notice: The electric cooker price in Nigeria here are estimates and may not be the exact same prices as on the online stores because of the constant fluctuations in supply and demand. Also, we have estimated all prices to the nearest thousands.

ModelEstimated Best Price Online (₦)Online Store
National Single Electric Cooker4,000Jumia
Universal Electric Cooker - Double Face6,000Jumia
Saisho Electric Cooker HP 26,000Konga
Electric Cooker + Electric Kettle + Blender Bundle12,000Konga

We advise that you check out some of these cookers on Jumia and Konga.

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That’s it.

We hope this guide to electric cooker price in Nigeria has helped you. Best of luck to you as you get yourself a new electric cooker.

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