Freezer Price in Nigeria with a Buying Guide to Help you Choose the Best

Freezers have made life easier when it comes to food preservation. The bad power supply in Nigeria has tripled the reasons why getting a freezer in Nigeria is very necessary. Freezers can help preserve food for long hours or even days after power outages. We would like to assume that you as a Nigerian already know this. If you are planning on getting a freezer soon and want to do a little research or maybe you just want to know the average freezer price in Nigeria, you have come to the right place.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of freezers.

Types of Freezers

Chest Freezer

Chest Freezer

Otherwise known as deep freezer is usually shaped like a box with a lid at the top. This freezer type usually have decent to large capacities. Chest freezers usually take up space in the kitchen or wherever you plan to put them. Chest freezers are budget friendly and energy efficient. You have to manually defrost this type of freezer. This freezer is also not as organized as other freezer types.

Upright Freezer

Upright Freezer

Upright freezers assume the upright position with a front door for accessing its content. Upright freezers take up less space compared to chest freezers and are not as energy saving as chest freezers. This freezer has the auto defrost feature so you don’t have to manually defrost it. Upright freezers are more organized than chest freezers because they have a significantly higher number of baskets, shelves and door bins for housing items in an orderly way.

Portable Freezer

Portable Freezer

The portable freezer usually takes the box shape associated with the chest freezer but comes in smaller sizes. For this reason, they can be taken out for picnics and used to transport perishable foods. Portable Freezers usually have spots to plug them to a normal socket found at home and the cellphone charger in a car. Some portable freezers even have batteries so you can charge them before taking out for long trips.

Drawer Freezer

Drawer Frezeer

Drawer Freezers are usually used in situations where a cook absolutely needs to be in constant reach of chilled food items without moving away from the kitchen counter. For this reason, drawer freezers are installed underneath kitchen counters and are designed like drawers so they can be easily pulled out and pushed back.

Where to buy Freezers in Nigeria

Freezers in Nigeria can be bought for good prices at authorized dealership stores across the country or on various online stores. It is also advisable to purchase freezers that come with warranties in case of unforeseen malfunctions not caused by bad handling. Freezer price in Nigeria can vary from store to store so you should check out a couple of store before buying. We here have also compiled a good number of Freezers you can get for good prices. Just read the reviews of the major Freezers compiled on the table below.

Click here to see offers on Jumia

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Freezer Price in Nigeria

Freezer price in Nigeria is a very strong factor that affects anyone’s buying decision and so we’ll just let you how much you can get a very cheap freezer for in Nigeria.

Cheap Freezer in Nigeria

The Freezer price in Nigeria (online stores) for a very cheap chest freezer is

  • ₦60,000

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Best Freezer Brands in Nigeria

ModelPrice GuideJumiaKonga
LGRead GuideSee OfferSee Offer
Haier ThermocoolRead GuideSee OfferSee Offer
AkaiRead GuideSee OfferSee Offer
ScanfrostRead GuideSee OfferSee Offer

We at Homesweet hope we’ve been able to help you in your decision making process of getting a frezeers. If you want to know what we have to say about refrigerators, you can see that here.

Wishing you the best.

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