Scanfrost Freezer Price in Nigeria (A Brief Look at the Best Deals)

Scanfrost is a big brand in Nigeria when it comes to freezers, refrigerators and some other home appliances. In this post, our focus is on the Scanfrost freezer price in Nigeria and the links to the best deals available on major Online stores in the country. If you are here to check just the freezer features, you are also covered.

Scanfrost Freezer Price in Nigeria

Here is a table showing the best Scanfrost freezers price in Nigeria. We also have links to the the Scanfrost freezers.

Important Notice: The prices here are estimates and may not be the exact same prices as on the online stores because of the constant fluctuations in supply and demand. Also, we have estimated all prices to the nearest thousands.

ModelEstimated Cheapest Price(₦)Online Store
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 100 Litres70,000Jumia
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 151 Litres94,000Konga
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 200 Litres98,000Jumia
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 211 Litres105,000Konga
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 251 Litres110,000Konga
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 411 Litres178,000Konga
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 511 Litres216,000Konga
Scanfrost Freezer SFL 611 Litres343,000Konga

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Scanfrost Freezers you can get in Nigeria

We consider the Scanfrost freezer price in Nigeria for the freezers mentioned here to be reasonable. However, if you know of better deals out there, do let us know in the comment section. Without further ado, here are the freezers and the Scanfrost fr

Scanfrost Freezer SFL 151

Scanfrost Freezer SFL 151

The Scanfrost SFL151 is a compact and portable kitchen appliance. Its handy size makes it suited for any kitchen. It will take up as little space as possible. The Scanfrost Deep Freezer will give you much-needed storage space and additional refrigeration option. The internal temperature of this freezer does not fluctuate so your food will last longer. The door has been well designed so cold air does not escape. This makes the SFL151 a very energy efficient freezer. At 150 Litres storage capacity, you have enough space for all your food items. It has a super freezing function which enables it to get cold in little time. It also takes longer to cool down so your food stays fresh always.

Main Features

  • Capacity 150 Litres
  • Finish Inox
  • 4-way cooling
  • Removable storage baskets
  • 240 hours Freeze capacity on Power Outage
  • Superior Steel Finish

Starting Price:₦70,000

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The Scanfrost Freezer comes in more sizes.

  • 100 Litres
  • 211 Litres
  • 251 Litres
  • 411 Litres

You can check the other sizes by clicking the “See Offers” button for both Jumia and Konga just after the table above.

Scanfrost Freezer SFL (611 Litres)

Scanfrost Chest Freezer with Inox-Finish SFL611

The Scanfrost Deep Freezer SFL 611 is a large capacity freezer for home and commercial purpose. It is an essential home appliance that will help you preserve food and other perishable items for a long period of time. It will save you the time and energy spent on frequent grocery shopping as it will store and preserve your food items so you can reach for them at your time of convenience. It comes with 610liter space capacity that allows for enough room to accommodate your food items. The freezer has a fast cooling function with the help of its super cooling compressor. It does not defrost quickly so all the stored food will still retain their natural freshness and taste for a long time.

Main Features

  • 611 Litres
  • Finish Inox
  • Removable storage baskets

Starting Price:₦343,000

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See offer on Konga (511kg)

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