www.konga.com.ng/home appliances: Don’t make this mistake

If you regularly type www.konga.com.ng/home appliances in a bid to get to the home appliances page of konga.com, then you’ve been making a big mistake. First of all, it’s konga.com and not konga.com.ng. Wait, there’s more, www.konga.com/home appliances doesn’t exist, the right link is www.konga.com/home-kitchen There’s still more… Now that www.konga.com/home appliances has been certified … Read morewww.konga.com.ng/home appliances: Don’t make this mistake

www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances : Don’t make this mistake

If you usually type www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances into the Google search box hoping to see the home appliances page on Jumia but instead see a list of Google search results, then you’ve been making the mistake made by lots of people trying to shop on Jumia. Simply put, if you have been typing www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances expecting … Read morewww.jumia.com.ng/home appliances : Don’t make this mistake

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