www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances : Don’t make this mistake

If you usually type www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances into the Google search box hoping to see the home appliances page on Jumia but instead see a list of Google search results, then you’ve been making the mistake made by lots of people trying to shop on Jumia.

Simply put, if you have been typing www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances expecting to see something like this

But then see this

Then you’ve been making a mistake.

Needless to say, if you have been typing www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances so you could see Jumia’s home appliances page come up on search results so you then click to the page, you have been getting the right result but why would you want to do that when you could just simply search for “Jumia home appliances.” A search for “Jumia home appliances” brings out this


The second option is much easier to type into the search box. That is if you haven’t been trying to go directly to the home and appliances page of Jumia. Now, if your aim has always been to go to the home and appliances page of Jumia, here is your correction.



The screenshot above pretty much explains it all. You have to put your URL (or webpage address) in the address box. The search box is the one below and doesn’t require you to put links there. It instead requires keywords of what query or search you want to make. If you want to search for a link like www.jumia.com.ng/home-appliance which is the correct link to Jumia’s home appliances page, you can put that in the search box which is the box below in the picture above and a list of links that correlate to www.jumia.com.ng/home-appliance will be come up. If you are using a mobile device to do this, you most likely will see just one box for inputting the web page you want to go to. In this case, input the right link and make sure there are no spaces between any letters or characters.

If you however want to go straight to the home appliances page of Jumia which is where we guess you always want to go to, then www.jumia.com.ng/home-appliance should be typed into the URL address box which is the first box in the picture above.

Note: www.jumia.com.ng/home appliances is not the correct URL to the Jumia home and appliances page. The correct URL as at the time of this writing is www.jumia.com.ng/home-appliance

However, if you type the wrong URL into the URL address box, you will be redirected to Jumia’s home page.

That’s it. We hope we’ve been able to help you.

Now, if you want to go to Jumia’s home appliances page, click the button below

Click Here

The later end of this post should have said “don’t make these mistakes” rather than “don’t make this mistake” but we wanted to emphasize the first mistake which we’ve addressed already. Now, we want to move on to a couple of other non-technical mistakes you shouldn’t make when shopping on Jumia. We’ve called term shopping mistakes.

Shopping mistakes you shouldn’t make on Jumia

  • Not taking note of the vendor you want to purchase from

A lot of times, shoppers forget to take a look at the vendor selling the product they want to buy from. They assume that Jumia is the source of all products on Jumia. This is not the case. Jumia has a lot of products it sells directly from its warehouse but also has external vendors selling on the platform. Jumia accommodates this vendors and help make deliveries. However, it is important to check that these vendors have good reviews from. Check the number of stars they have. It is advisable not to patronize someone with less than 3 stars. Also pay attention to comments made by other customers on products sold by external vendors. Jumia has a way of filtering out fraudulent or subpar vendors but you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

  • Not taking note of the delivery options

Jumia deliveries are either Normal deliveries, Jumia Express deliveries or Jumia Global deliveries. It is important to check which delivery option is attached to the product you want to buy.

In the picture above, the product to the left will be shipped via Jumia Express, the next one will be shipped from overseas, and that’s Jumia Global. The rest will be shipped normally. The picture below shows how long each of the delivery options take.

  • Not doing product research

It does you a lot of good if you take time to research products or home appliances you want to buy especially if you want to buy online. The research will let you know trusted brands, vendors and online stores you can buy from. If you are buying the product for the first time, you will also get to know basic features of the product. Over here at Homesweet, we have reviewed some home appliances like washing machines, electric cookers, gas cookers, refrigerators, freezers and a few other appliances to help you with your online purchase.

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