www.konga.com.ng/home appliances: Don’t make this mistake

If you regularly type www.konga.com.ng/home appliances in a bid to get to the home appliances page of konga.com, then you’ve been making a big mistake. First of all, it’s konga.com and not konga.com.ng.

Wait, there’s more,

www.konga.com/home appliances doesn’t exist, the right link is www.konga.com/home-kitchen

There’s still more…

Now that www.konga.com/home appliances has been certified wrong, even putting the right link in the wrong place will not land you automatically on Konga’s home appliances page.

This is what you see when you put www.konga.com/home-kitchen (the right link) in Google’s search box.

A listing of pages correlating with your search come up. A  Google search result page basically comes up. Of course, you can click on the result that leads to the home appliances page from here but we are here to know exactly how to land directly on the home appliances page. If you want to land on the Konga home appliances page, you should put the right link in the URL address box and not in the Google search box. The URL address box is the first box and the Google search box is the lower box in the screenshot below.

What about on mobile?

Phone browsers may display just one box that doubles for search and direct web page visits, simply put the link in the URL address box without putting spaces between letters or characters. That’s the way links works. So you would type in www.konga.com/home-kitchen into the box and you land on the page.

That’s it. We hope we’ve been able to help you.

Now, if you want to go to Konga home appliances page (home and kitchen as they’ve named it), click the button below

Go to Konga.com

The later end of this post should have said “don’t make these mistakes” rather than “don’t make this mistake” but we wanted to emphasize the first mistake which we’ve addressed already. Now, we want to move on to a couple of other non-technical mistakes you shouldn’t make when shopping on Konga. We’ve called term shopping mistakes.

Shopping mistakes you shouldn’t make on Konga

  • Not talking to a vendor before making a purchase

Konga has an option that helps you directly contact vendors of several products or appliances. It is advisable to message these vendors so you can get better product descriptions or know if a vendor is trustworthy. Take notes of reviews made by other customers too.

  • Not doing product research

Before you make any buying decision online, browse around and ask close contacts that have bought online before. You can regularly come to this website too for great reviews. We have reviews on a few home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners.

We hope we’ve been of help to you.


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